Vision and Mission

We believe that every student is unique in their potential, able to master communication skills and pursue life-long learning. We have faith that they can grasp the opportunities given to them and contribute to society when they are ready. Our school’s motto is ‘Through Learning and Temperance to Virtue’. We emphasize on both the intellectual and moral aspects of education. Integrated with the knowledge of humanities and technology, our students are going to become all-rounded individuals, with balanced development in moral, academic, physical, social and aesthetical growth.






Teacher Collegiality

Having the belief that every student has unique characteristics and potentials, our teachers collaborate as a collegiality to develop student learning and ethics. All teachers are bachelor degree holders, while about 40% are higher degree holders. About 80% of our teachers have more than ten years of teaching experience and are engaged in Professional Learning Community (PLC) and life-long learning programmes. Also, there are Native English Teacher (NET), IT technicians and Associate teachers and Counseling Assistants to meet students’ needs in learning and development. Our vision is to develop our school as a preparatory school for CUHK and nurture our students to be future Chun-hanians in CUHK with passion and enthusiasm.






Self-regulated Learning

Flexible teaching modes, such as small-group teaching or co-teaching, are also adopted to better cater for students’ individual differences. “Self-regulated Learning” is practised to further promote an active learning attitude through pre-learning, cooperative learning, oral and written display.






Bilingual and Triliterate Learning Environment

To enhance bilingual and triliterate competency of students, English is used as the Medium of Instruction (EMI) in the main subjects for junior secondary levels. Chinese lessons in junior secondary levels are conducted in Putonghua.

We also encourage our students to take part in internal and external competitions in writing, drama, debate, choral speaking and book report writing. We also launch a variety of language-related programmes throughout the academic year, such as language weeks, English drama performances, an English Musical, film shows, and Study Tours to China, Singapore, Australia and England. These activities motivate students to enhance their language skills.






Differentiated Instruction

A diverse and well-balanced curriculum is designed for students to acquire basic knowledge and skills. A student-centered approach, Differentiated Learning, is adopted to develop students’ self-learning skills and attitudes. Teachers use a variety of differentiated learning activities, such as E-learning, scientific inquiry, STEM integration and problem solving, issue enquiry, hot quiz of current issues, field study, project learning, role play, etc. Assignment and assessment questions are differentiated into different difficulty levels. For example, challenging questions can facilitate students’ higher order thinking skills while basic questions are used for consolidation of previous learning.






Gifted Education

Our school has adopted the three-tier operation made suggested by the Education Bureau for the implementation of gifted education. With the valuable experience we have gained as one of the network schools in the Jockey Club ‘Giftedness Into Flourishing Talents’ Project (Project GIFT) of CUHK in 2017-2019, we have been actively developing gifted education in order to develop the potentials of gifted students and address learner diversity in a targeted, systematic manner. Regarding academic and student development, students’ talents are identified in different ways by the team so as to provide them with diverse and appropriate learning experiences. In addition, our school regularly recommends suitable students to participate in different external courses and competitions. We will continue to devote more resources to gifted education in order to convey more effective and relevant strategies to reinforce students’ higher-order thinking, creativity and personal-social competence. We are aiming to provide training to all the students in our school as we strongly believe that such specific learning processes are crucial for everyone.






STEM Education

CCH has been committed to STEM education for many years, and has recently made some key improvements in the field. To promote the learning and teaching of technology, the “Charles Kuen Kao Future Classroom” was established in 2019 and STEM elements were integrated into junior secondary STEM-related subjects. The development of STEM education in our school has received further support thanks to professional partners such as CUHK, the HKU CITE and the City University Apps Lab.







Life-wide Learning Experiences

Our school attaches a great importance to the diverse development of students. With more than 70 student organizations or societies, we vigorously promote the ideals of cooperation, social responsibility and community spirit. We offer many experiential learning activities beyond the classroom, ranging from class social services to English musical training. Students have the opportunity to participate in field trips, overseas exchanges, English study tours and work experience placements, where they can learn in real scenarios, broaden their horizons and mature in a well-rounded fashion.

We believe that a diversified educational experience not only enhances students’ interest in learning, but also helps to instill positive values and develops their overall moral cultivation.