CUHKFAA Thomas Cheung
Secondary School (TCSS) was founded in 1991 and is the first school established
by the Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education Alumni Association.
The eight core values of TCSS – caring, unity, harmony, keenness to learn, prudent
thinking, communication, self-discipline and being solution-oriented – act as the
guiding path for our school development and the objectives for student
nurturing, and are referred to collectively as “The TCSS Spirit”.


中大校友 眾志成城惠學子


CUHK alumni united as one for our students

 In recent years, a significant effort has been devoted to language development, STEM education and holistic education. Regarding language development, with assistance from the sponsoring body and the Incorporated Management Committee of the school, we have been supported with generous donations to enhance our Chinese and English language education, ranging from employing more School-based Native English Teachers (NETs) to implementing whole-school small class teaching for both language subjects. A positive value-addedness together with an improvement in students’ performance in the HKDSE are evidence of years of our dedication. This result is not only attributed to the donors’ generosity but also the outstanding educational efficacy of our colleagues as well as the diligence of our students.

 Learning from reading
is one of the cross-curricular developmental projects at TCSS. Students engage with books from various fields of discipline and interest and demonstrate their creativity through presenting their reflections with the use of electronic applications and tools. We hope to build up and nurture reading habits among students and encourage self-directed learning through the use of such activities. Apart from language classes, small-class teaching is also implemented in Mathematics classes to cater for students’ diverse learning need.


創科教育 啟發潛能展創意


Unlocking potential and developing creativity
through STEM

 STEM education is highly prioritized in the Hong Kong,
and TCSS has been advancing in leaps and bounds in this field as well.
Enhancement courses coupled with the introduction of STEM elements into the regular
curriculum has enabled students to come into contact with STEM subjects,
broaden their horizons, develop their potential, and allow students to discover
and demonstrate their strengths. For instance, through the use of solar panels,
microcomputers, electronic design and programming skills, our students were
able to construct “Green Walls” in certain areas of the school
campus. Their entries to the final round of the “City I&T
Challenge” and “Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation
Competition” have proven their ability to visualize and apply theoretical
knowledge from textbooks.


全人教育 關愛校園顯真情 


Holistic education on a caring campus

 We believe education
is a series of incremental changes. Counselling, discipline and co-curricular
activities all play a crucial role in students’ personal growth. Through TCSS’s
various connections with the Alumni Association and Chinese University, a
multitude of external resources are made available for our students, such as
mental health counsellors or student social workers. The application for Child
Development Fund (CDF) has enabled the “TCSS Let Your Dreams Take
Flight” mentorship programme to provide guidance for career planning.
Students can also visit the Life Education Centre in their free time and
receive counselling over a fun board game or engage in chats while enjoy a relaxing
cup of tea.

 The objective of the
Discipline Team is not to punish students but to promote improvement. We seek
to better students’ behaviour, attitude and character both on and off campus. With
this in mind, the collaboration between parents and the school plays a pivotal
role in resolving difficulties by identifying their root causes. New extra-curricular
activities, such as a Pilates class initiated by our teachers with the
intention to incorporate their personal interests within the workplace and provide
opportunities for interaction between our students and colleagues further help
strengthen the bond between teachers and students.

 Alongside new ideas,
we emphasize also the continuation of TCSS traditions. Our pop band and
marching band both have opportunities for public performances every year, and
their sense of achievement and success always put a smile on the participants’
faces. Our students’ sense of belonging to the school is well-reflected by
their willingness to return to their alma mater to teach and coach their younger
counterparts after graduation, a gesture greatly welcomed and appreciated.

 We equally attach importance to professional training
and development of our staff to facilitate a healthy and efficacious work
environment. Being awarded a place in the semi-finals of the “Caring
School Award Scheme” for two consecutive years is a testament to our effort
in this regard.


繼往開來 博文約禮育英才


Carrying forward accomplishments of our predecessors and nurturing future talents  

 In the 21st century, economic integration and changes around the world have brought about a new era of a “global village”. The eight core values of TCSS are precisely what the young should be equipped to adapt to and flourish in this new age. It is hoped that TCSS students will uphold the school motto of “Broadening one’s intellectual horizons and keeping within the bounds of propriety” and contribute to thrive for themselves, their society and the future living “The TCSS Spirit”. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of TCSS, we anticipate many more years ahead of nurturing responsible, creative, communicative and self-motivated students with integrity and talent.